ABOUT harlan + holden

Founded in 2015 in Manila and headquartered in Seoul, harlan + holden is in the business of saving people’s time. Available at 20 retail stores spread across South Korea, Indonesia and The Philippines and online at www.harlanholden.com

harlan + holden has a singular mission; to save people time for  things that matter. Our mission manifests itself in every product we create, from clothes to coffee. And in everything we do.

Our approach towards clothing design goes against the norms of fast fashion. Rejecting trends, harlan + holden create pieces that are timeless. Every piece has been designed with our clients morning routine and daily calendars in mind. Our clothes free the minds of our clients, allowing them to think of the bigger, more important things in their lives.

 In 2020, the brand appoints Alessandra Facchinetti as its first Creative Director.




Born in Bergamo, Alessandra Facchinetti is one of the most celebrated female fashion designers to come out of Italy. This Istituto Marangoni alumni, focuses on the purity of forms and the linearity of construction. Her background in the history of art, sculpture and architecture have heavily influenced her design aesthetic. 

Her versatile designs have graced the runways of some of the greatest fashion houses in the world. The successor to both Mr. Tom Ford at Gucci, and Mr. Valentino Garavani at Valentino, Alessandra has had a strong hand in shaping the futures of Valentino, Gucci, Miu Miu and Tod’s where she worked as the Creative Director.

She now joins hands with harlan + holden to create conceptually heavy, aesthetically uncomplicated daily wear for the modern human.