Viviana + Paolo


There are only a few things more special than having a partner who shares the same passions as you. This is precisely the case for Viviana and Paolo. Both artists at heart, Viviana is a writer for Rizzoli, while Paolo is an engineering student with a passion for travel and photography.

Viviana and Paolo both enjoy an early start to each day, preparing each other for the day ahead. We find them in the morning, already fresh and dressed, while they enjoy breakfast together. They like to keep a relaxed and cozy look both in and out of their home. Viviana then changes to her shirtdress in her favourite lime colour, happy and excited to get her day started. The couple share a profound affection for each other as they see each other off for work. Viviana and Paolo ensure their relationship flourishes by pushing each other to pursue their ambitions from the very start of each day.

Round Cuts Dress
Flannel Cuts
Flannel Cuts