Camino is simple by design yet focuses on the benefits
of the wearer. A shoe that can keep up with your dynamic movement. Wear it 7/7
from weekday to weekend. Take it everywhere you go. A great travel walking
shoe, suitable for long walks and due to its lightness it is convenient choice
when packing.


Impossible lightness for both men and women.


Light, soft and comfortable are 3 words immediately associated with camino.

The temptation
is heavy to call it the lightest shoe on earth. Weighing .12kg for women’s and
.28kg for men’s versions means less foot fatigue allowing long walks in the
city or even treks in the countryside. Impossibly light.

Camino is built with 4 layers of support.

The top leather
insole provides breathability which soothes sweaty feet. Its second layer, a memory
foam pad, reacts to pressure and heat from feet. The memory foam molds the feet
in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributes body weight and returns to
its original shape once pressure is removed. Impossibly comfortable.

The 2 outer layers,
the sole and heel, provide additional cushioning.

The hemp canvas, which makes up the body of the shoe, is
likewise a joy to wear in tropical weather.


harlan + holden debuts CAMINO,
a slip-on shoe for both men and women. Aside from its unisex appeal because of
its sleek and no fuss design, CAMINO was built to deliver on comfort on every

camino shoes